The Way West: True Stories Of The American Frontier

The Texas Rangers, Forty-Niners, the Alamo and clashes with Native Americans — the American West has a diverse and remarkable history.

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About the Book

James A. Crutchfield’s The Way West is a bold anthology of Western history. It draws together the research and writings of numerous historians from the Western Writers of America. Collectively their works demonstrate how the history of the American West helped the United States form its identity.

Rather than simply focussing on famous characters and events, the authors also cover many of the long-forgotten individuals and more obscure tales to provide new insights into this legendary era.

Accounts of how the early explorers charted this vast region, of how men, women and children made their treacherous journeys across the continent as well as how law and order eventually came to settle in the region after many years of violence are all covered in The Way West.

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