The Submariners: Life in British Submarines, 1901-1999

‘The entire span of British submarine history has been carefully recorded here: the tragedies in both peace and war … the successes too.’ — Geoffrey Moorhouse, Daily Telegraph

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British submarines played a vital part in naval warfare between 1901 and 1999, from the first Holland boats through to the giant Trident nuclear vessels.

This selection of personal accounts of life aboard the Royal Navy’s submarines includes vivid first-hand descriptions of tense patrols of the First and Second World Wars, torpedo attacks on enemy warships, U-boats and merchant vessels, the horrors of depth charging, the daring clandestine operations by bodies such as Force 136, and the midget-submarine attacks on the Tirpitz. There are accounts of the deterrent patrols of the Cold War, and what happened in the controversial sinking of the General Belgrano during the Falklands War.

Drawn from personal memoirs, official reports, logbooks and private journals, John Winton skilfully weaves together compelling stories of survival and heroism in times of the most intense danger with welcome lighter moments, anecdotes about daily life and domestic arrangements aboard.

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