The Silver Bride

An enthralling and thoroughly researched historical romance set in late medieval England! Perfect
for fans of Philippa Gregory, Diana Gabaldon, Joanna Hickson and Elizabeth Chadwick.

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About the Book

When it’s love versus loyalty, every choice could be your last…

England, 1483

Heloise Ballaster, eldest daughter of the cruel and violent Sir Dudley, is feared for her silver hair and strange powers of insight.

She is forced into marriage with the ambitious and scarred Sir Miles Rushden to end the bitter land dispute between their rival families.

Though King Edward IV is the current ruler, Sir Miles is awaiting the chance to thrust his friend, the Duke of Buckingham towards the crown. But the Ballasters are close allies of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who is also preparing to seize the throne.

When King Edward IV unexpectedly dies. Miles and Heloise find themselves at the heart of a power struggle as the mighty dukes of Gloucester and Buckingham manoeuvre ruthlessly to seize the crown.

Where does Heloise’s loyalty lie? Can she align her values with those of her husband?

And will her unusual gift prove her saviour – or her undoing…?

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