The Queen and the Turf

Celebrating a royal passion for horses and racing.

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About the Book

‘Refreshing, uninhibited and sincere … a book anyone could enjoy’ – The Scotsman
‘Very revealing … the book is unique’ – The People

Here is the first full story of the Queen’s racing enthusiasms and the first authentic account of Her Majesty’s personal experience as a racehorse owner and racegoer, told with the help of trainers, jockeys and others.

This exhilarating volume traces the early years of the Queen’s racing story, from childhood horse-lover to ebullient racegoer and owner of one of the finest string of racehorses in the world.

Helen Cathcart goes behind the scenes to present a vivid picture of royal racing success and failures, from the Queen’s frail gift-horse to the spectacular triumphs of Aureole, Carrozza, Alexander, High Veldt, Almeria, Doutelle, Pall Mall and many others. Winners of lustrous fame, they come thundering on in a cavalcade of high hopes and disappointments, superb victories, and bitter defeat.

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