The Mill Cottage

A gripping romantic mystery set on the Cornish coast! Perfect for fans of Rosamunde Pilcher, Liz Fenwick, Ruth Saberton and Kate Morton.

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About the Book

Love and danger await Sarah as she seeks the truth about her brother’s disappearance…

Cornwall, the 1990s

When Sarah Kendall spots her brother Simon on a TV news bulletin, she wonders if she’s going mad. Because Simon died in a tragic accident six months ago … didn’t he?

But Sarah is convinced her eyes didn’t deceive her, and she’s determined to discover the truth. As her search for her brother takes her back to the quaint Cornish village of Poldrissick — the Kendalls’ old holiday haunt — she finds herself on a bittersweet journey into her family’s past.

When she returns to Simon’s old hideout, the Mill Cottage, Sarah is amazed to find the famous actor-turned-writer Benedict Farrell living there. He’s keen to help her find Simon, but can Sarah trust him … or the feelings he stirs within her?

As Sarah’s quest for answers continues — aided by the unnervingly charismatic Ben – she finds her questions falling on stony ground with the residents of this close-knit community … some of whom have their own reasons for not welcoming intruders.

What are the locals hiding? And on this notoriously unsafe stretch of the coastline, could Sarah’s search lead her into deadly danger?

Can she uncover the truth about what happened to her brother – and hold on to her heart at the same time?

Genre: Romance
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