The Long Road Home

The honest account of one prisoner-of-war’s struggle to survive through five years of Nazi imprisonment. An essential book for readers of Horace Greasley, Alistair Urquhart and Heather Morris.

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About the Book

On a cold May morning in 1940, Adrian Vincent arrived in France with his battalion.

His war didn’t last long.

Within five days the Siege of Calais was over and nearly all his comrades were killed, wounded or, like him, taken prisoner.

After a brutal journey across the breadth of Germany, Vincent and his fellow survivors began their life in Stalag VIIIB, set to work in terrible conditions down a Polish mine.

For the next five years they waged a war not against enemy soldiers, but instead versus monotony, disease, cruelty, starvation and hopelessness.


The Long Road Home is a remarkably truthful memoir by Adrian Vincent. 

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