The Cuckoo Wood

A captivating 20th-century story of discovery and identity. Perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy, Barbara Whitnell, Maeve Haran and Jean Stubbs.

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About the Book

Where will family secrets lead … and will Cara like what she discovers?

London, 1980

Cara Sinclair has grown up believing that her mother died in childbirth, not long before her father died in an accident a few months later. Now in her thirties, she is more concerned about her career and the state of her crumbling marriage to advertising executive Nigel, than the parents she never knew.

Adopted by a loving aunt and uncle, Cara has always known that her father was the Irish poet Connor Moran, though she knows nothing regarding the identity of her mother. That is until she sees a television interview with the Russian-born Princess Hélène Shuiska, broadcast after her death, in which the Princess reveals that at the time of Cara’s birth she was married to Cara’s father.

Stunned by this sudden revelation, Cara embarks upon uncovering the mystery surrounding her birth and the secrets in her parents’ past.

Her quest leads her from London to Paris and eventually to Italy, where the Princess and Connor lived during the Second World War. There, in a mountain villa surrounded by cuckoo-filled woods, the past finally reveals its secrets.

Will Cara find the answers she’s looking for? Is the Princess Hélène really her mother?

And with everything she’s known thrown into turmoil, will Cara’s life ever be the same again?

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