The Berlin Spy Trap

Tensions are rising in this hair-raising Cold War thriller! Perfect for fans of Len Deighton, John Le Carre, Tom Clancy and Ian Fleming.

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About the Book

How do you find the answers when they are locked in your own lost memories?

Cold War Europe

John Stack wakes up in a strange hotel room in Spain with his memory of recent events wiped.

It is clear he has been attacked. But what did they want?

Stack is a journalist by trade but under that façade he is also an undercover British agent.

Stack needs to remember what his mission was in Spain – and what happened to his two partners.

Aware his life is in imminent danger, he does not know who he can trust.

The doctor who treats his injuries offers to help him, but in return Stack must help smuggle someone across the Berlin Wall from East Germany to the West.

Stack finds himself in a race against time to recover his memory and complete his mission before his pursuers close in and silence him forever…

The Berlin Spy Trap is a heart-pounding espionage thriller, following one man navigating his way through the tensions of Cold War Europe, by Geoffrey Davison. 

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