Talleyman in the Ice (The Victorian Maritime Adventure Series #2)

Lieutenant Thomas Talleyman returns in a thrilling naval action story! Perfect for fans of Dewey Lambdin, Julian Stockwin and Patrick O’Brian.

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About the Book

Talleyman is headed to the Arctic Circle, where an icy war is raging…

1854, Russia

The Crimean War has been raging for a year.

On half pay from the Royal Navy, Thomas Talleyman is now farming his father’s land in the Fens, with a wife and two young sons.

But when Captain Paxton Only appears with an intriguing proposition, Talleyman soon finds himself as First Lieutenant in charge of a motley crew aboard the HMS Flamingo, bound for Murmansk in Arctic Russia. Their mission: to smuggle in a secret agent to support a rebellion against the Tsar.

Icebound and alone, when the Flamingo comes under fire from a mystery sniper and Captain Only goes missing, Talleyman is forced to take command.

But will the increasingly restless crew obey him? Can the Flamingo survive a whole winter deep in enemy territory locked in the ice?

And can the crew hold off a regiment of Russian cavalry…?

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