Storm From the Sea

An unforgettable personal account of fighting with the Commandos in World War Two.

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About the Book

For Peter Young the Second World War was a truly global conflict. From Norway to Northern France, Italy to Burma, Young rose through the ranks of the commandos to become a brigadier, commanding the 1st Commando Brigade by the end of the war.

Storm from the Sea charts Young’s journey through World War Two, with captivating accounts of the raids at Lofoten, Vaagso and Dieppe with the famous 3 Commando. Young uncovers how the Commandos with their impeccable training and camaraderie were able to overcome Nazi forces in Sicily and Italy before they joined with the 1st Special Service Brigade for the liberation of France.

Peter Young’s memoir is an enthralling, first-hand account of his time spent fighting with the Commandos during World War Two. It should be essential reading for all interested in one of the most important special forces in military history.

“readers interested in a combat narrative will find that Storm from the Sea makes a welcome addition to their libraries.” Maj. James Gates, USAF, Air & Space Power Journal

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