Secrets in the Sky: Aviatrix adventures and the Great War in the ai

An early Aviatrix Adventure spanning World War One! Perfect for fans of Derek Robinson, James Holland, Frank Barnard and Alan Evans.

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About the Book

Can a budding female pilot soar through the glass ceiling…?

Herefordshire, 1910

After a childhood spent carted around the country by her restless mother, Ayda de Corsi finds stability when they settle at the Bound estate in Hertfordshire. And she finds a friend in Lord Bound’s son, Adam.

When a collection of flying machines owned by aviator Thomas Shuttleby is secretly stored at the Estate, Adam hopes flying may gain him notice from his parents and he trains to become a pilot.

Initially, Ayda’s life moves in a different direction, but eventually Adam secretly teaches Ayda to fly and she realises she has found her passion.

When war breaks out in 1914, Adam joins the Royal Flying Corps, while Ayda heads to London as a typist on the promise of a secret, civilian role as Britain’s only female dispatch pilot.

But as a woman, she is not taken seriously, and she finds her flying craft are sabotaged and someone is going to great lengths to stop her from succeeding.

A gifted aviatrix, Ayda must battle to overcome prejudice to fight for her place in a man’s world.

Can Ayda and Adam survive the war? Will Ayda manage to make her mark?

Or are the odds stacked against this daring aviatrix…?

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