A chance meeting as a teenager with a woman whose fiancé flew in the First World War, triggered Suzanne’s fascination with the adventures and aviation of this period. But after a degree in Chemical Sciences at Leeds University and a career as a development chemist, there seemed little opportunity to pursue such interests. That is until a move to the Scottish Highlands provided the perfect career change to do so. Surrounded by books and working as a librarian, she was able to indulge her passion for literature, creative writing, historical fiction particularly gothic historical fiction, and anything aviation.
Several trips to Belgium and Northern France for research, resulted in the writing of Suzanne’s first book, SECRETS IN THE SKY, which was one of nine books selected for Hachette UK’s Future Bookshelf Cohort for 2021. The book is the first in a fictional series of female led aviation/wartime adventure stories.
A keen runner, Suzanne divides her time between family, her feline friends, writing, reading, overseeing a local Writing Group, library work…and of course, watching the sky.

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Secrets in the Sky: Aviatrix adventures and the Great War in the ai

Secrets in the Sky: Aviatrix adventures and the Great War in the ai

An early Aviatrix Adventure spanning World War One! Perfect for fans of Derek Robinson, James Holland, Frank Barnard and Alan Evans.

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