Rush To Judgement

A gripping military legal thriller! Perfect for fans of Tom Clancy, Michael DiMercurio, Eric Helm and Robert Charles.

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About the Book

Time is running out to save an innocent man…

After a devastating explosion, thirty naval crewmen of the battleship Utah die in what appears to be a gun turret accident.

But then a sailor with a shocking connection to one of the victims is accused of murderously setting off the blast.

Captain Clark Gamrick, a loyal and dedicated Navy man, is tasked with investigating the incident.

But he quickly comes to suspect his own team’s evidence and decides to defend the accused man.

With pressure mounting for a court-martial and quick resolution, Gamrick knows he must find the real killer if he is to help an innocent man walk free.

What is the Navy hiding? Can Gamrick uncover the truth?

Or will a man’s life – and Gamrick’s illustrious career – be destroyed by a miscarriage of justice?

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