Rig War (Depth Force Submarine Thrillers Book 16)

The powerful finale to a thrilling submarine adventure series! Perfect for fans of Douglas Reeman, Michael DiMercurio, George Wallace and Don Keith.

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About the Book

It’s the final showdown for Jack Boxer…

When saboteurs threaten to destroy the world’s largest deep-sea oil field and with it America’s chances at independence from foreign oil, the President contacts former Admiral Jack Boxer for help.

Discharged from the U.S. Navy and now a free agent, Boxer is willing to serve his country again — this time for a price.

Together with his new business partner, former Soviet Commander Igor Borodine, they head for the coast of Java in a refurbished submarine to stop the mounting destruction.

But waiting for them beneath the calm of the deep blue sea is a supercharged force of mercenary submariners and they are soon plunged into a full-scale battle.

With the stakes higher than ever, Boxer must hit hard and run fast if he is to secure America’s future and live to see another day.

Can Boxer and Borodine stop the saboteurs from taking control of the world’s oil supply?

Or will the deadly underwater battle be their last…?

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