Raining Cats and Donkeys (Feline Frolics #4)

More hilarious antics for Doreen’s animal family! For cat lovers old and new – particularly those whose lives are ruled by feline fancy!

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About the Book

The animals are taking over…

Life is never a bed of roses for the Toveys and their beloved Siamese cats Solomon and Sheba. For one thing they’ve got Annabel the donkey to contend with and the thorny matter of her troublesome stomach after she overindulges on the apple harvest.

More calamities ensue when Doreen and her husband Charles return from a riding course in the Scottish wilderness and Solomon thinks they have brought the Loch Ness Monster home with them. Then Sheba baffles her owners with a series of mysterious disappearances.

What with Annabel adopting a cat of her own, Charles taking up the piano, Father Adams’ flying hat and Solomon’s determined efforts to catch a hare, there are endless adventures in store in this loveable, witty classic…

Raining Cats and Donkeys by Doreen Tovey continues her memoirs about living with Siamese cats – and other animals: set in the British countryside, it is told with wit, mischief, and above all humour.

Series: Feline Frolics, Book 4
Genre: History & Biography
‘Doreen has a wonderful, warm, and witty way with words that bring the personality of each cat to life and perfectly describe her love of them.’
– Life With Siamese Cats
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