Portraits In An Album

An emotional page-turner filled with family secrets and set in the beautiful Sussex countryside! Perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy, Barbara Whitnell, Maeve Haran and Jean Stubbs.

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About the Book

Can a chance discovery unite a family divided?

Sussex, 1987

Photographer’s assistant Pippa Devere has grown up with little knowledge of her family background. Her antiques dealer father, Sebastian, was evacuated during the Second World War and can only tell her that his father died when he was seven and that his mother disappeared during the war.

When Sebastianacquires a 1930s photograph album at auction as part of a lot, he gives it to Pippa. Intrigued by the pictures in the album, Pippa’s attention is arrested when she notices that the surname of the photographer is the same as her own.

Pippa sets out to discover whether the photographer Gawaine Devere is a relation. Starting with the couple that raised her father, she makes the astonishing discovery that her grandmother, Kitty, is still alive.

However, their joyous reunion is short-lived when a fall leaves Kitty concussed. In hospital Kitty’s dreams take her back to her beloved Yondover, a sixteenth-century farmhouse in the beautiful Sussex Downs, and the people she loved — and lost.

Pippa’s search for Gawaine eventually leads her to Yondover, where more family secrets are waiting to be revealed.

Will Yondover bewitch Pippa as it did Kitty years before? Can time heal the rift between mother and son?

And will Pippa learn the secrets of the past that drove her family apart?

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