A tense Cold War naval thriller! Perfect for fans of Clive Cussler, John Wingate, Duncan Harding and Douglas Reeman.

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About the Book

Sam has never questioned orders before. But everything looks different in the shadow of the Bomb…

The Cold War rumbles on, and a top-secret naval base in Scotland is now the home of Britain’s nuclear arsenal.

As second-in-command of a Polaris submarine, Sam, along with his elite band of comrades, must learn to love the Bomb — or at least to tolerate it. Between deterrent patrol exercises, he does his best to lead a normal life with his wife Janet and three children.

Sam’s been trained to do whatever the Navy requires of him. But after a chance encounter with protesters from a nearby peace camp — including their charismatic leader El Tel and the beautiful, enigmatic Mary Carmichael – he finds himself questioning everything.

And as he’s torn between ambition and principle, soon his future in the Navy is on the line…

Can Sam’s conscience cope with a duty unlike any other? And with such bitter political controversy centred on the Polaris programme, can his home life stand the strain?

Is a weapon that could destroy the planet about to spell the end of Sam’s world?

Based on real-life events, POLARIS is a gripping and authentic military thriller with themes of duty and conscience.

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