Oliver Cromwell (Uncovering the Seventeenth Century)

Step into the tumultuous world of one of England's most controversial figures — Oliver Cromwell.

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About the Book

In this concise yet illuminating biography, acclaimed historian Peter Young brings to life the remarkable story of a man who reshaped the course of world history.

With experience as a British Commando during World War Two, a revered historian of the seventeenth century, and the founder of The Sealed Knot, an English Civil War historical re-enactment society, there can be few better authors than Peter Young to introduce readers to the remarkable life of Oliver Cromwell.

Young charts the course of Cromwell’s life, from his humble origins to his emergence as a cavalry commander during the tumultuous civil wars through to his rise as Lord Protector and king in all but name of the British Isles.

With meticulous research, Young examines how Cromwell’s military genius, ruthless politicking, and religious fervour had a monumental impact not only on his own nation but across the globe.

Oliver Cromwell is the perfect book for all who have heard of the famous name but have yet to learn why he was so influential and how his short period in power shaped the emergence of the modern world.

“accurate picture of Cromwell’s military prowess.” Reviews in History

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