Odd Job  (Pat Flower Australian Thrillers)

A chilling psychological thriller set in 1970s Australia! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, M.C. Beaton, Lee Strauss and P.C. James.

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About the Book

A vengeful sociopath hatches a murderous plot … but can he control its aftermath?

Sydney, 1973

Ned Paine is a discontented man. Full of resentment for his estranged wife Norah, the self-obsessed Sydney antique dealer fantasises about a life free from her shadow.

A novel solution springs to mind in the shape of a huge, bulging old sofa. A sofa that’s easily big enough to hide a body in…

Over boozy games of chess with his despised employee Harry Lockett, Ned begins to formulate a devilish plan which culminates one night in a terrible act. But when he wakes the next morning to find no sign of Norah’s body, imagination and reality began to blur.

Has he really killed Norah … or has she merely carried out her constant threats to leave?

As strange notes begin to arrive, apparently from his absent wife, Ned’s grip on events continues to loosen — and when a shocking act of violence makes an enemy of Harry, things begin to spiral out of his control.

And as a tenacious detective takes an interest in the case, the net begins to close in on Ned…

Can Ned keep a hold on reality – and on his sanity? And when Harry finally tires of being his pawn, who can he count on to cover his tracks?

Is Ned’s fiendishly constructed future about to come crashing down around his ears?

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