Cobweb (Pat Flower Australian Thrillers)

A brooding tale of murder and madness set in 1970s Australia! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, M.C. Beaton, Lee Strauss and P.C. James.

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About the Book

A killer’s web of lies threatens to ensnare him for ever…

Sydney, 1971

When Martin Briggs marries beautiful, wealthy Ellie Logan, he thinks his troubles are over. With the help of his wife’s fortune, he can finally quit his mundane sales job and realise his dreams of power and status.

But nothing comes to fruition as, terrified by his own inadequacies, he sabotages every opportunity that comes his way.

Tired of her husband’s lack of ambition, Ellie withdraws her support, and their domestic life begins to turn sour. And meanwhile his wife’s wealth is slipping further and further away from Martin’s grasp…

So when an ill-timed push at the top of the stairs makes him a widower, he believes he’s pulled off the perfect crime. And a new life beckons when he meets Valerie Wishart, his late wife’s friend – and part heir to her fortune.

But he hasn’t reckoned on a nosy neighbour … or a zealous detective inspector who asks far too many questions. And when he discovers a shocking fact about Ellie – and receives a lock of her hair in the post – Martin’s precarious grasp on reality begins to loosen…

Who is really pulling the strings of the web Martin has woven? Will he ever be able to escape the shadow of his own actions?

Or is his tangle of lies about to undo him in the most unexpected of ways?

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