Napoleon’s Marshals

An expert overview of the men who made Napoleon’s Grande Armée one of the greatest fighting forces ever assembled.

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About the Book

Napoleon Bonaparte was indisputably one of the greatest military generals to have ever lived, yet no man can rule an army alone.

Was Napoleon’s choice of commanders worthy of his military genius?

The renowned military historian Peter Young uncovers the lives of the twenty-six Marshals of France, stripping back the glamourization, tradition and preconceived notions surrounding men like Murat, Ney, Berthier, and Bernadotte, to provide an engaging picture of the Grande Armée’s leaders.

Young delves into the original sources to provide accurate accounts of the marshals’ careers, their personal lives and relationships, their moments of victory and failure. What emerges is a surprisingly varied group of men drawn from every class of society who had fought their way to the fore in the wars of the Revolution and the Empire.

Napoleon’s Marshals is a fascinating examination of these remarkable figures written by a master of military history.

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