Mountain Men of the American West

Mountain Men of the American West

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Explorers, trappers, adventurers, and artists — the mountain men of the American West were pioneers in charting the unknown territory west of the frontier during the early and middle years of the nineteenth century.

In Mountain Men of the American West James A. Crutchfield delivers a concise introduction to the western fur trade era, along with brief biographical sketches of almost 100 notable mountain men and associated entrepreneurs, including Manuel Lisa, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Jedediah Smith, Hugh Glass, the Bent brothers, and Black Beaver, the Native American scout and guide, among others.

Many of these men became legends in their own time. Braving wild and inhospitable regions, hostile natives, and grizzly bears, they led a tough life in search of wealth and adventure in the vast reaches of the American West.

Written in an informal style and including an annotated bibliography, this is a must-have volume in any American history collection.

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