Mistress To The Crown

An enthralling historical romance set in late medieval England! Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Rose Tremain, Anne O’Brien and Elizabeth Chadwick

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About the Book

An enchanting woman with a lust for life escapes into the arms of a king…

London, England, 1463

Wed at thirteen to William Shore, beautiful and resourceful Elizabeth Lambard is determined to free herself from a loveless marriage and manage her own destiny.

But freedom means persuading the Pope in Rome to hear her case, a costly enterprise, so when she meets the king’s friend, Lord Hastings, Elizabeth offers him an irresistible bargain.

But it’s not just Hastings who is hungry for the delectable Mistress Shore; King Edward IV is determined to have her, too.

So long as these great men protect her, she is safe from public scorn and the queen’s enmity, but when the king eventually falls ill and his brother, Richard of Gloucester, comes south to take control of the realm, Elizabeth finds herself charged as a traitor.

Under the new regime of Richard III, is there anyone left for Elizabeth to trust? Is she destined to face a cruel death for treason?

Or will help – and love – come from an unexpected quarter?

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