Men of 18 in 1918

An astounding account of one young infantryman’s personal experience of the Western Front in the last year of World War One.

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About the Book

In the spring of 1918 German forces broke through Allied lines in a last ditch attempt to overcome their enemies. To hold back this tide young, inexperienced men from France, Britain, the United States, Australia and Canada were sent into war against battle-hardened and desperate German soldiers.

What was it like to be an eighteen year old and sent to the frontlines in the First World War?

Frederick James Hodges was one of these young men and his book, Men of 18 in 1918, provides insight into the ordeals of an ordinary soldier who left Britain as a teenager but returned as a man having witnessed the full horrors of war.

Hodges charts his progress through the conflict from his short period of training to being thrown into defending Allied lines against the onslaught before being ordered, as part of Britain’s prime assault troops, into a ninety-five day non-stop attack which only ended with the armistice of November 1918.

“A must for anyone interested in the First World War.” Manchester Evening News

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