Lady at the Lodge (The Wentworth Family Regency Saga Series Book 3)

An enchanting historical saga set against the backdrop of the French Revolution! Perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Alice Chetwynd Ley and Jane Austen.

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About the Book

Will the French Revolutionary army finally land on British shores…?

England and Britanny, 1796

Rumours of a planned French invasion of Britain have reached the British military leaders, prompting them to prepare their troops and mobilise their spies. Amid the unrest, the Wentworth family — Anglo-French aristocrats — continue to move forward with their lives.

After visiting Britanny — her birthplace — to put right a past wrong, Sempronie has returned to Devonshire. However, she has left an inheritance dispute behind her that could change the lives of the small Breton community that surround her old family estate.

Recovering from her recent illness, Amelia is sampling London society and getting involved with the abolitionist movement. But when a sinister figure from her past reappears on English shores, her safety is once again under threat.

Living peacefully at Chittesleigh Manor in Devonshire, Justin and Arabella are expecting their first child. Though grateful for her good fortune, Arabella is impatient with Justin’s cossetting and misses her old independence. And despite her good sense, her determination to be active seems set to land her in danger…

Series: Wentworth Saga
Genre: Romance
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