Hope Blooms

A heart-warming story of healing and new love set in the English countryside! Perfect for fans of Mary Stewart, Fay Weldon and Barbara Pym.

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About the Book

Can Hope find her place in the world…?

Having recently left the army, Hope Everett is now learning to live with a physical disability and PTSD. As she does her best to accustom herself to the civilian world, she wonders what to do with the rest of her life.

When a florist job becomes available on the Moondreams House estate, Hope jumps at the chance to indulge her lifelong passion for flowers. Despite her limited experience, her enthusiasm wins her the job.

However, her excitement is dampened when Dante Troughton — the aloof son of the estate owner — insists on overseeing the financial side of Hope’s business.

Though Hope initially finds Dante arrogant and overbearing, their uneasy relationship gradually grows into a mutual respect. And as both begin to open up about their past, Hope questions whether she is ready to let someone get close to her…

Can Hope make her new business thrive? Will she find solace in her work and blossoming friendships?

Or will the tragedies of her previous life overwhelm her…?

Genre: Romance
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