Hastings to Culloden: Battles of Britain

A classic, in-depth study of over twenty of the most important battles to have taken place on British soil.

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About the Book

Throughout its long history, Britain has been subjected to foreign invasion, bloody rebellions and tumultuous civil wars leading to thousands of deaths across its length and breadth.

From Hastings, Lewes and Bannockburn to Bosworth, Marston Moor and Culloden, widely-respected military historians John Adair and the late Peter Young, uncover the details of major battles and campaigns that have taken place on British soil since the Norman Conquest.

Contemporary documents and eyewitness accounts are used by Adair and Young to provide insight into what these battles were like from the viewpoint of those who were there. They place the conflicts within the context of their day to explore the motives of the participants and what the repercussions were after the battles had ended.

Taking a chronological approach, from the eleventh to the eighteenth centuries, Adair and Young explore how the art of warfare evolved, how tactics changed and in what ways weaponry and armour developed.

Hastings to Culloden is the classic survey of the battles that took place on the British archipelago and which shaped the course of its history. Readers of military history and strategy, along with fans of the medieval and early modern periods will undoubtedly enjoy this fascinating book.

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