French  Jade

A light-hearted Regency romance with a touch of intrigue! Perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen.

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About the Book

A shy young spinster swears revenge on a handsome acquaintance … but can she get her own back without losing her heart in the process?

Georgian London

When bookish Minerva Redmond overhears handsomeOliver Seymour calling her ‘dull, dowdy and dour’, she’s furious, and vows to make him pay.

A plan to ensnare Oliver’s affections, then cast him cruelly aside once she has him hooked, seems like the perfect subterfuge.

Dressed as her seductive French cousin Gabrielle, and with a new flirtatious demeanour, Minna finds herself the centre of an unsuspecting Oliver’s attention… and she likes it.

But is it Minna he’s falling for, or her alter ego? Just to complicate matters, she seems to be falling for him too…

And when the real Gabrielle turns up unexpectedly, Minna has some quick thinking to do.

Can Minna get herself out of the tangled web she’s woven? And is Oliver really fooled by her charade?

Can a love that’s founded on deception ever survive?

A classic Regency romance, French Jade  combines a warm-hearted love story with dashes of humour and suspense.

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