Freedom Street

A compelling historical romance set in 1600s England! Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Rose Tremain, Jean Plaidy and Hilary Mantel.

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About the Book

Torn between two loves, will Charlotte follow her head or her heart?

London, 1685

Charlotte Bonnet is just eleven when her Huguenot family is forced to flee religious persecution in France. She will never forget the journey to England in a fishing boat crowded with refugees, among them the irrepressible young boy Paul Belamie and the charismatic hero Gabriel Fabian, who has kept the faith despite agonising torture.

After seeing Madame Fabian’s horrific death in childbirth on the boat, Charlotte swears she will never bear children, and resolves to build a life on her own terms.

When Gabriel reappears years later, the two forge an unconventional bond which finally allows Charlotte to feel safe in marriage, and to love Gabriel’s daughter Elise. And as she begins to learn Gabriel’s craft of silk-weaving, her dreams of a career are coming true too.

But Gabriel is a tormented soul, torn between earthly desires and religious devotion, and unable to be a true husband to Charlotte. And when Paul returns unexpectedly, her world is shaken to the core as she discovers feelings she never knew she was capable of…

Elise, meanwhile, has become a beautiful but headstrong young woman. And when Gabriel makes a shattering decision about her future, suddenly the threads holding Charlotte’s life together are beginning to unravel…

Will Charlotte risk losing everything for the promise of a new life of love? Can Gabriel outrun the inner demons that torment him?

And when a savage twist of fate turns everything upside down, will either of their lives ever be the same again?

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