Deep Waters

A gripping and fast-paced romantic thriller! Perfect for fans of Rosamunde Pilcher, Ruth Saberton and Kate Morton.

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About the Book

Love and danger await Liz on an idyllic tropical island…

The Caribbean, 1998

Burned from a disastrous holiday romance in Miami, schoolteacher Liz Marshall jumps at the chance to escape to a remote Caribbean island.

Her father has asked her to find out why her brother Nick, the black sheep of the family, has abandoned a promising RAF career to work for a small airline on Grand Guani.

But Liz quickly realises that Nick is up to something, and a hidden malice seems to lurk beneath the sunny exterior of the island…

And when Liz meets Nick’s friend Tom Channing, there’s an immediate attraction between the pair – but Tom, too, seems oddly hostile.

It soon becomes clear that a lot of people – including her brother – would be happier if Liz left the island. And as she delves further into the mystery, she’s drawn into a shadowy and frightening underworld…

What secrets are Nick and Tom hiding? And why are they – and the islanders – so determined that Liz should leave Grand Guani?

And as a deadly secret begins to reveal itself, could Liz be getting in way over her head in her quest for answers?

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