Deep Kill (Depth Force Submarine Thrillers Book 7)

Jack Boxer takes command of a new super submarine! Perfect for fans of Douglas Reeman, Michael DiMercurio, George Wallace and Don Keith.

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About the Book

Danger lurks beneath the waves…

Cloaked by a typhoon, a Soviet invasion fleet heads towards the Arabian coast and a mission that could change the balance of power in the Middle East.

Five thousand feet below the storm-tossed surface, America’s newest high-tech super submarine Barracuda silently stalks the Russian armada, waiting for the command from Washington that will give the sub’s deadly blue-laser guns their first taste of blood.

But what Admiral Jack Boxer and his crew don’t know is that a Russian suboceanic leviathan is closing in behind them, that the Barracuda has been drawn into a trap…

Will the Barracuda take the bait? Will Boxer keep his nerve?

Or will they bait a trap of their own…?

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