Death Dive: (Depth Force Submarine Thrillers Book 2)

Join Jack Boxer in another heart-pounding submarine adventure! Perfect for fans of Douglas Reeman, Michael DiMercurio, George Wallace and Don Keith.

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About the Book

The Shark races towards a deadly confrontation with a Soviet killer submarine…

When a commercial airliner sends out a distress call, America’s high-technology submarine, Shark, races to the scene of the downed plane.

But when one of the survivors is later found murdered aboard the Shark, Captain Jack Boxer suspects a traitor is aboard.

Meanwhile, Shark has a new mission: recover a fortune in gold from an ancient wreck on the seabed.

They have to be in and out fast because they’ll soon have company – the formidable Soviet submarine Q-21.

With the enemy outside and a traitor within, the Shark’s next crash dive might be its last…

Who is the traitor aboard the Shark? Can the Shark recover the gold before the Q-21?

Or isShark doomed to join that ill-fated wreck forever on the ocean bottom?

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