Conquest (The Medieval Saga Series Book 1)

The start of a new series by popular historical fiction writer, David Field! Perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden, Robyn Young, Alison Weir and Anthony Riches.

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About the Book

Life in England will never be the same again…


The Saxon kingdom is under threat of invasion at both ends. From the north comes Harald Hardrada of Norway intent on pillage, while across the Channel, Duke William of Normandy is about to enforce his claim to the throne.

Between the two lie the villages and townships defended only by part-time armies maintained by the Earls of Wessex, Mercia and Northumbria, barely united under King Harold Godwineson.

It falls to brave and determined young men like Will Riveracre and Selwyn Astenmede to stand firm against whichever marauding invader reaches them first.

But the initial battle could be the least of their worries as a new king ascends the throne – threatening to annihilate their traditions and customs forever.

Is their any hope for the brave Saxon warriors? Can they adjust to the new way of life?

Or will everything they once knew be changed forever…?

Conquest is the first historical novel in The Medieval Saga Series. This first book is a page-turning account of life in 11th century England before and after the Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings.

Series: Medieval, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction
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