Brotherhood of Wolves (Knights Templar Thrillers Book 1)

Join the Brotherhood in a thrilling adventure set during the Crusades! For fans of Ben Kane, Conn Iggulden, Robyn Young, Bernard Cornwell and Christian Cameron.

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About the Book

The enemy strikes from within…

Jerusalem, 1177

The Holy City is in Christian hands and the Sultan Saladin has vowed to retake her, whatever the cost.

Two faiths are warring over sacred ground. It is within this feverish hotbed that Finn of Struan, a young knight dedicated to the Templars, is stationed.

Finn’s world unravels when his mentor, Robert of Saint Albans, murders a brother in cold blood. Worse, Robert joins the Devil himself — Saladin.

The foul deeds stain the Templar name and Finn is tasked with killing Robert, a man with a mind sharper than any sword.

But as Finn slips into enemy territory, he finds the hunter has become the prey…

As Templar fights Templar for control of the Holy City, can Finn avenge his dead comrade? Will the Brotherhood prevail?

Or will Saladin’s army emerge victorious?

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