Below The Horizon

A heart-pounding nautical thriller set during the Third Cod War! Perfect for fans of Clive Cussler, Douglas Reeman and Duncan Harding

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About the Book

Two nations are bent on survival at any cost


With world food shortages reaching crisis point, North Atlantic fishing grounds have become sites of violent dispute.

And when Iceland places tougher restrictions on the seas surrounding the country, the British fishing industry seems destined to plummet.

But Hooky Walker — the seasoned skipper of the British trawler English Campion — is unwilling to accept the new restrictions without a fight.

As his ambition swells into obsession, the English Campion’s fishing expeditions grow evermore daring. And when Hooky leads his crew into their most dangerous venture yet, a lethal sea battle seems set to erupt…

Can Hooky reclaim the fiercely guarded waters? Will his crew emerge unscathed?

Or will his defiance push Britain into further catastrophe…?

BELOW THE HORIZON is a gripping nautical thriller that plunges into the world of deep-sea fishing and the infamous Cod

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