Aircraft Carrier (John Winton WWII Thrillers)

A gripping and authentic World War II adventure! Perfect for fans of Clive Cussler, John Wingate, Duncan Harding and Douglas Reeman.

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About the Book

Can a stranded fighter pilot survive the might of the Japanese navy?

The Pacific Ocean, 1945

In Europe the war is almost over, but Japanese forces remain undefeated … and seemingly unbeatable.

But high in the sky above the islands of Sakishima Gunto, a flight of Corsair fighters from a British aircraft carrier is fighting a grim and desperate war of attrition against the enemy.

A young squadron leader of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve is waging an internal war too: he must decide whether to accept a permanent commission in the Royal Navy, or honour his promise to his father that he will return home after the war.

But when his aircraft is shot down, suddenly the quest to survive is all that matters.

As he searches for his aircraft carrier, he witnesses the desperate fighting from a whole new perspective. And when a terrifying new weapon is unleashed on the world, he comes to realise that this war is far from over…

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