Lost and Found

A moving story of one woman’s quest to find her roots. Perfect for fans of Mary Stewart, Fay Weldon and Barbara Pym.

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About the Book

Can Natalie uncover the truth about her past?

Having been adopted as a baby, twenty-four-year-old Natalie has started to wonder where she came from.

But when she finds out that she was abandoned in a doorway, her curiosity about her birth mother turns to hurt and anger.

Trying to forget her turmoil, Natalie throws herself into her new business venture: Tea and Sweet Dreams, a cosy teashop on the Moondreams House estate.

However, her resentment over her origins continues to simmer, putting pressure on her relationships.

With her love life hanging in the balance and her teashop requiring constant attention, Natalie soon begins to feel overwhelmed. Realising that she cannot move forward until she unravels her past, she becomes determined to find and confront the woman who left her…

Why did Natalie’s mother give her up? Will she find the answers she’s looking for?
Or will her roots remain a mystery…?

Genre: Romance
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