The World’s Greatest Sea Mysteries

A thrilling collection of sea mysteries from around the world!

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About the Book

Twenty-eight maritime stories told in a compelling style that combines first-rate storytelling with valuable insights. Perfect for fans of true-life mysteries.

What happened to the crew of the Mary CelesteHow did a racehorse come to be found on an uninhabited island several miles out to sea? Is there really sunken treasure at Tobermory? Who did the hand discovered on a New Zealand beach belong to?

All these and many more unexplained mysteries of the sea are presented in this fascinating collection of the strangest tales ever heard on the high seas.

Authors Michael and Mollie Hardwick present a diversity of accounts covering every kind of maritime mystery, from olden times to the present day, set in all the oceans of the world. From sightings of sea serpents and phantom ships silently sailing the ocean waves, to the discovery of a skeleton-strewn ship missing for nearly a quarter of a century, many of the bizarre events recorded here continue to baffle experts today. Well-known cases include that of the Mary Celeste, discovered adrift and deserted in 1872, and the true-life disappearance of Britain’s most famous frogman, Commander Crabb, in 1956.

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