The Starr Affair

A penetrating look at the murky world of World War Two espionage, sabotage and betrayal.

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About the Book

John Renshaw Starr joined the United Kingdom’s clandestine Special Operations Executive in early 1941.

In August 1942 Starr was parachuted into a field near Valence. With the codenames Emile and Bob, Starr liaised with resistance groups and other SOE agents, and led the Acrobat network which operated around Saint-Étienne and Dijon. But his service was cut short in mid-1943 when he was captured by the Germans after being betrayed by a Frenchman he had recruited.

During and after his captivity rumours began to swirl around Starr: was he truly loyal to the British or was he collaborating with the Nazis?

Jean Overton Fuller’s fascinating work, developed from hundreds of hours of interviews with Starr as well as other SOE agents and staff, uncovers Starr’s activities in France and questions the validity of these suspicions that arose during his time within Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen concentration camps.

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