The Slaughtered Widow (The Bailiff Mountsorrel Tudor Mysteries Book 3)

A gripping mystery set in Tudor England! Perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden, Robyn Young, Alison Weir and Anthony Riches.

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About the Book

Is it an open and shut case…?

Nottingham, England, 1592

Town Bailiff Francis Barton has been arrested for the murder of his former lover, the widow Agnes Timberlake, and the case against him is a strong one.

Agnes was hacked to death where she lay in her bed and Francis was found standing next to her body, with both his clothing and his sword covered in her blood.

And there is a motive. Agnes had recently loaned Francis her entire life savings and was believed to be demanding an accounting for them.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, Francis’s friend, County Bailiff Edward Mountsorrel, refuses to believe that Francis is guilty and sets out to investigate for himself.

Edward wants to speak to the serving girl from the widow’s house who may have been the last to see her mistress alive, but she has vanished.

Is the girl running from a guilty conscience? Or has she also fallen victim to the killer?

Time is running out for Francis. Can Edward clear his friend’s name … or is it time to accept that Francis really is capable of murder…?

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