The Seven Men of Spandau

The riveting story of what happened to the seven top Nazi war criminals in the aftermath of World War Two and the Nuremberg trials.

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About the Book

In 1945 seven of Hitler’s henchmen were incarcerated as solitary inmates of the vast Spandau prison in Berlin originally built to accommodate hundreds. Every conceivable precaution was taken to ensure escape was impossible for such high-profile prisoners. Hitler’s henchmen; Rudolf Hess, Konstantin von Neurath, Karl Dönitz, Baldur von Schirach, Erich Raeder, Albert Speer and Walter Funk had been tried and convicted for their complicity in Hitler’s campaign and had escaped the death penalty, unlike many of their former comrades.

This extensively researched book has been constructed from innumerable sources including, in some cases, first-hand accounts from the men themselves, their families, friends, lawyers and enemies; from visits made to Berlin with their wives, from smuggled and authorised letters written in prison and authentic conversations between the prisoners. What is revealed are intimate details of the private lives of these once powerful men, their thoughts and reflections inside Spandau, their differing attitudes to their crimes and how these affected their relationships with each other.

Also revealed is the complex and frustrating diplomatic and political in-fighting between the four Powers of the United States, Britain, France and the USSR, administering the gaol in the post war era. A situation that remained until September 1987 when, within weeks of the death of remaining prisoner Rudolf Hess, the bulldozers moved in to raze it to the ground.

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