The Sceptre and the Rose

A captivating historical novel based of the reign of King Charles II! Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir, Jean Plaidy and Elizabeth Chadwick.

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About the Book

Can a marriage forged for political gain stand the test of time?

England, 1662

With King Charles II restored to the throne, he is determined to secure his reign and stabilise the monarchy. With his sights set on a strategic alliance with Portugal, he finds his match in Catherine of Braganza, a devout Catholic Portuguese princess.

Charles is captivated at first sight by his bride. But the timid young queen, plucked from a sheltered existence, is ill prepared for what awaits her at the hedonistic court of the ‘Merry Monarch’.

A notorious womaniser, Charles has no interest in being faithful to Catherine, and their marriage is placed under increasing strain as she struggles to conceive an heir to the throne.

And as Titus Oates’s ‘Popish Plot’ gains momentum in England, her religion is blamed for more and more of the country’s ills, with conspiracy theorists whispering that even the plague and the Great Fire were part of a Catholic plot.

So when Charles announces his intent to convert to Catholicism, his queen is overjoyed. But the news is certain to cause an outcry among his people…

Is there more to Charles’s decision than the desire to strengthen his marriage bond? Does Catherine stand a chance of ever winning over the public?

And when Oates accuses her of plotting to poison the king, could her head be the next one on the block?

THE SCEPTRE AND THE ROSE is an authentic biographical royal novel set in the 17th century during the reign of King Charles II.

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