The Right Time To Die (Inspector Sharma Thrillers Book 3)

A heart-pounding terrorism thriller! For fans of James Patterson, J M Dalgliesh, Karin Slaughter and Peter May.

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About the Book

DI Sharma is caught in a lethal race against time…

Tensions are running high in the city of Leicester. Recent conflict between groups of Hindu and Muslim youths has led to violence on the streets, which the police are struggling to control.

Despite these events, Sunil Kumar, a Bollywood superstar has been invited to switch on the lights along the Golden Mile for the festival of Diwali.

DI Rohan Sharma is one of the thousands of onlookers that have arrived to enjoy the celebrations.

But Sharma is aware of social media tip-offs that suggest the happy atmosphere could turn deadly…

And his suspicions seem to be confirmed when Sunil Kumar collapses on stage.

With the police chiefs mistakenly believing Sharma could have inside knowledge on the local hostilities, he takes the lead on the investigation.

But when a spate of killings occur, in seemingly unrelated circumstances, Sharma finds himself in over his head.

Sucked into a dark world of race hate and extremism, Sharma uncovers a deadly plot.

Can he stop more murders from occurring? Will he unmask the fanatical killers?

Or will a catastrophe engulf the city of Leicester…?

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