The Rebel Princess

A compelling historical novel set in the Hanoverian court! Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir, Jean Plaidy and Elizabeth Chadwick.

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About the Book

A beautiful young princess is torn between head and heart…

Germany, 1682

When Sophia Dorothea, daughter of the Duke of Celle, is thrust into a loveless arranged marriage at the age of just sixteen, she feels as if her world has come to an end.

Forced by her father to marry George Louis, Prince of Hanover – the future King George Iof Great Britain – the spirited young woman dreams of her childhood sweetheart, Count Philip von Königsmarck, whom she still loves passionately.

Against her will the unhappy princess is drawn into the excesses of the wildly hedonistic Hanoverian court. She soon makes an enemy in the shape of the treacherous Countess Clara von Platen, who is insanely jealous of Sophia Dorothea and determined to bring ruin upon her.

When Count Philip re-enters Sophia Dorothea’s life, both are desperate to resume their romance, but pride and stubbornness conspire to keep them apart – until Sophia Dorothea takes a reckless gamble. A gamble that could cost both the young lovers dearly…

Will fear and convention keep her bound to the side of a man she despises? Can the star-crossed lovers find happiness together?

Or is their forbidden love fated to end in tragedy?

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