The Race for the Rhine Bridges: 1940, 1944, 1945

A fascinating and detailed history of the pivotal campaigns that aimed to capture the most significant barrier of World War Two: the Rhine.

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About the Book

Few locations experienced as much conflict as this famous and important river, which bore witness to not one, but three intense battles throughout the course of World War Two.

Eyewitness accounts from scores of participants on both sides enable Alexander McKee to create a vivid narrative of blitzkrieg attacks in 1940 that saw Germany’s lightning capture of the Arnhem, Nijmegen, and Maas-Waal crossings, the Arnhem disaster in 1944, and the final crossing of the Rhine by British, French, American, and Canadian forces during the war’s last year.

The Race for the Rhine Bridges is a gripping account of valour, missed opportunities, military mistakes and remarkable heroism in the heat of battle. It provides an outstanding analysis of the Rhine combat zone and the three brutal campaigns that passed over it.

‘Little-known and most interesting material … a fine account’ Evening Standard

‘Carefully researched’ Manchester Evening News

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