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Prague is plagued by a vicious killer…

A woman is discovered brutally murdered in her apartment, with some of her body parts surgically removed.

The pathologist has dubbed the perpetrator the nastiest killer he’s ever come across in the Czech Republic.

But after a scuffle with a cat burglar, Captain Josef Slonský has found himself laid up in hospital with a series of torn ligaments in his knee, unable to rush to the scene of the crime.

With his medical review due in less than nine weeks, and the threat of enforced retirement hanging on the outcome, he is determined to get out of bed and back on active duty asap.

With the help of his friend Valentin, Slonský signs himself out of hospital and puts his mind to solving the killing.

Is a serial killer at large? Are more women in danger?

And can Slonský prove his worth and keep the job that means so much to him?

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