The Mosquito Log: The Most Versatile Aeroplane of World War II

An engrossing history of a remarkable British aircraft: the Mosquito.

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About the Book

Fighter, bomber, reconnaissance, night fighter — the de Havilland Mosquitowas one of the most versatile aircraft of its time.

Originally designed as an unarmed evader bomber, the Air Ministry and Bomber Command were initially reluctant to adopt the Mosquito. Yet the high-speed wooden aeroplane, the brainchild of Geoffrey de Havilland, became one of the most successful and popular aircraft in history, playing a vital role during the Second World War and beyond.

Alexander McKee tells the story of the much-loved ‘Mossie’ largely through the reminiscences of those who designed, built, flew and fought the Mosquito, tracing the details of the aircraft’s construction, proud record of operational flights, photo-reconnaissance flights, support role on large-scale bombing raids, and career in the Far East and in peacetime.

This book not only brings the human dimension into the story, but vividly conveys, in the words who lived through it, what it was like to be involved in the production and operation of this gallant little plane. Here are incredible accounts of heroism and bravery, duty and devotion.

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