The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes

A fascinating insight into the shared characteristics of the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his illustrious creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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About the Book

From the moment he first appeared in 1887, Sherlock Holmes has captivated and enthralled readers across the globe. He is the best-known and arguably the most beloved of all fictional detectives — an iconic hero who continues to appeal to audiences to this very day.

To understand the enduring legacy of Holmes, one must look to his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for the timeless qualities they shared. The close association and comparison of one with the other are made in intimate detail, exploring their family history and the extraordinarily active and eventful aspects of their real and fictional lives.

Growing up, Doyle stood out for his unusual nature and talent. It was his father who encouraged him to develop his powers of observation and intellect for reasoning and deduction. These skills enabled both character and writer to become pioneers in criminology and methods of detection that changed the face of policing forever. With a strict moral code and a disregard for personal gain, both worked tirelessly to expose injustices perpetrated by law enforcers, including judges and the Home Office.

Quoting evidence from official sources, family members, friends, colleagues, and his own publications, this book presents the many varied aspects of Doyle’s compelling life — as a sportsman, literary giant, campaigner, soldier, medical practitioner, scientist, family man, intellectual, and innovator.

‘the Hardwicks have done a beautiful job’ — The New York Times

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