The Great Corinthian

A vibrant historical novel about the life of King George IV! Perfect for fans of Tracy Chevalier, Maggie O’Farrell, Hilary Mantel, and Margaret George.

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About the Book

A flamboyant monarch must learn to put his country first…

London, 1762

As Prince Regent of the United Kingdom, George’s carefree lifestyle has inspired a new era of colourful fashions, spectacular architecture and hedonistic cultural trends.

Charming and sophisticated, he is nicknamed the ‘first gentleman of England’ – but his disparaging treatment of his family and wife Caroline of Brunswick earns him the contempt of many.

And when his father King George III succumbs to illness and George succeeds to the throne, he must learn to grow up fast…

With automation threatening to rob many working-class people of a living, Britain is a country in crisis. The social divide is rapidly widening, and George’s lavish spending and self-centred ways are causing resentment among his subjects.

Against a backdrop of growing unrest and revolt, his government is turning against him for his interference in political matters – and when his private life turns public, his actions threaten to spark a constitutional crisis.

With his personal life in tatters, and his public image tainted by scandal and excess, George’s reign looks destined to end in ignominy and ruin. Is it already too late to restore harmony to the nation?

THE GREAT CORINTHIAN paints an honest and compelling picture of King George IV’s tumultuous reign, depicting Regency England in vivid detail.

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