The Dead Curate (Jane Austen Investigations Book 5)

Join Jane Austen as she solves a gripping murder case! For fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Bailey and Ashley Gardner.

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About the Book

This murder case feels personal…

1798, Steventon, England

Mr Austen’s role as rector of Steventon church has meant that Jane and her sister Cassandra are well connected in the local community.

With Mr Austen indisposed, Jane and Cassandra walk to church to greet the curate, Mr Williamson, who will be leading the sermon in his place.

But when they arrive the church is locked and the parishioners are already milling around outside.

Already fearing something is amiss, Jane rushes home to find her father’s key and when she returns she makes a horrifying discovery.

At first the church appears to be empty, but a series of blood drops lead Jane up into the belfry.

And there she finds Mr Williamson, propped up with iron nails through his hands and feet.

The Austen sisters are used to investigating murders by now, but this one is too close to home…

Who would have a grudge against the unassuming curate? Why his body displayed in such a manner?

And are any other lives at risk in the sleepy village of Steventon?

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